This story is somehow an extension of Hasa rapasa: in the near future the local authorities have decided to accomplish one of the projects described in the triangle book - to carry the statue of Emeryk to the top of Łysiec. According to the local legend for several centuries Emeryk has been moving forward the distance of one sand grain per year; when he climbs the top of the Łysiec mountain then the world will end. Well, and how about helping Emeryk? If Emeryk is transported in a colourful procession and put on the hill top then the world will end and what a fantastic show this will be! – the biggest show in the world and its authors and producers will gain forever a glorious place in history... Well... The events of this day are described by nearly two hundred very different beings such as a falling apple, shining brook, stone statue, little spider or baker – the beings living in their own worlds, worlds parallel but merging one another, although often not conscious of the other's existence.
The first part of Emeryk appeared in the Internet in 2002 ( In 2005 it has been released on CD (edition of 2000) by korporacja ha!art – it is the first publication of that kind in Poland. And a worstseller as well. For various reasons - one of them is simply lack of hypertext shelf in any bookshop here, so you can find Emeryk among audiobooks, if ever. Because End of the World according to Emeryk is hardly available you can read the entire story in liberatory. Of course if you know Polish (I'm sorry, there are no other language versions of it). Emeryk was made in resolution 1280x1024 – if the resolution of your screen is lower, then the "page layout" can be distorted, however this will not disturb the hyperreading. Click the sun and go!

And if you like the story and would like to buy it
on CD anyway, please look for it painstakingly in bookshops and ask stubbornly, or you can contact the publisher: